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BUSINESS FOR SALE!!! in Williams Lake, British Columbia

Halls Organics has been a growing company for over 15 years. It began with a vision to help the community and the people who live in and around it. Halls Organics has endeavored and succeeded in educating the people who are open minded and willing to learn about optional opportunities in self health, gardening, hydroponics, and organics. We constantly seek new and exciting ways to improve the store. We've added new cabinetry, built a new room, and expanded our stock. It's a constant improvement day to day at Halls Organics. Customers, our friends, never see the same old thing here. Roy Halls is an innovator, ahead of his time. Every time a customer visits the store there's a change, an improvement.
Halls Organics has numerous avenues to profitable income: We have a TEA ROOM with over 200 different kinds of teas and herbs which we sell by the gram, Tea pots, presses and accessories in all shapes, sizes, and colors, Himalayan Salt in lamps, tea light holders, table salt, and bath salt.
Hemp store- with rolling papers, ashtrays, incense, incense burners, clothing, games, sunglasses, house wares, organic handmade jewelry and Items from all over the world!!.
Our Back to Basics Store (natural products, no additives or preservatives) was designed to assist our friends, our customers to help themselves. Like Our Ancestors did. And, EVERY MONTH we add fresh new trees and plants.
The Product lines of Hall's Organics are numerous; Heritage Organic Seeds, Sprouts and plants, Organic nutrients for soil and hydroponic applications, Soil Analysis Tests, Soil conditioners, Worm castings, Organic Pesticides & herbicides, Reverse Osmosis systems and filtration, Water softeners, air treatment, fans, transitions, Chillers, Air conditioners, rotor tillers, irrigation supplies and fittings, pots and hanging baskets, ph/ppm meters for water and soil, All kinds of helpful how-to books, timers, Plant propagation supplies, rock wool, Hydroponic systems in all shapes, sizes and kinds, Seed sprouters in all sizes, water pumps, air pumps, Pro Mix-Hp, Sunshine #4 natural & Organic, Gardening tools, accessories and so much more.
Lucy and I are sad Roy is selling The Store. We have worked for Roy 15 years, accumulatively. Lucy has been the site accountant 10 years. I, Chelsea, am Sales Manager having been Roy's employee five years. We, the employees, offer our expertise to a new owner. We wish Roy well in his new endeavour and adventure to relocate to pursue new dreams. He will be sorely missed. Thank you, Roy. It has been an honour to be part of This Dream.

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